Premier Protein – It’s horrible for you

Premier Protein – It’s horrible for you We practice the Art of True Health and Fitness. Join us. Today’s video, “Premier Protein – Is It Good?” discusses protein supplement, most of which come from glyphosate poisoned dairy cows. Glyphosate is a molecule that is toxic for humans it causes a host of diseases including cancer. Our practice of beasting-feasting, fasting, encourages true health and longevity. Cancer sucks, my dad died of cancer, so did my father in law. Cancer has genetic components, but it’s a metabolic disease closely linked with insulin and diabetes. Premier protein is also loaded with “whey protein” which is very insulinagenic. High insulin levels cause diabetes. I recommend avoiding Premier Protein products. Instead practice truth health and fitness with the simple cycle of Beasting-Feasting-Fasting, that you can repeat until it become easy and effortless.
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Hi, I’m Chris Krueger, born and raised in Tacoma, Wa. After I graduated college in 2006, I started my career as a professional strength and conditioning coach. My first job was coaching wide receivers and overseeing the football teams weight training at Pomona College. After Pomona, I earned my CSCS and did an internship at UCLA working with future professional athletes, (NFL, MLS, etc) and national championship athletes. I have trained with some of the fittest people on the planet. Ive learned a lot along the way and I continue learning from my audience and the world around me. I’m not special or talented, but I bust my ass every single day to help people help themselves while doing the right thing for the planet and our environment at the same time. I’m an advocate of Beasting, Feasting, and Fasting. I want you to eat real and approximately wild foods. I want you to do some form of exercise that mimics hunting, fishing, or foraging. And I want you to fast. Not intermittent fasting, but real fasting. We never eat breakfast, or snacks, and when you get to my level, you’ll avoid lunch too. Best, CK.


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