Weight Watchers FREESTYLE • What I Ate 12/13/17

Weight Watchers FREESTYLE • What I Ate 12/13/17
Yesterday was the first day that I struggled a little on the new Weight Watchers Freestyle program.
As I tried to get my groove back, I made some discoveries about what I must do in order to it allow the sugar cravings I have to get the best of me.
The program is a rockstar… I just have to keep learning and growing with it!

Today, I needed to make some different choices with the way I use my Points. My body is calling for a little detox. In order to cleanses d give myself a break, I threw together some soup and took along with me for the day. Hopefully, this will help me to curb cravings and regain a sense of evenness.

Starting weight: 320 lbs
Current weight: 287.6
Total loss: 32.4
Next Goal: 275 by the holiday season

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