Weight Watchers Diet Review

Weight Watchers Diet Review
Weight Watchers, one of the best?

Eat what you want…in moderation
Very Low Fat
Lean Protein
Lots of Fruits and Veggies

Support Groups
Mobile App
SmartPoints on many Restaurant Menus
Can follow Weight Watchers without signing up

Allows for too many snacks due to lack of satiety, or the quality or state of being fed
Whole Grains equal Lower Points, Fat equals Higher Points
Fruits and Veggies are zero points if eaten
Puts Fats in with Sweets and Alcohol adds high points
Fiber is a Negative Points Food

Why you should or should not do this diet

The science is garbage and based on an old and disproven thesis and is a HIGH Carb LOW Fat Diet.
With their deep pockets, they could do Better.


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