What I ate today – CHEGLEO – Cheating vegan paleo – what I eat in a day

What I ate today – CHEGLEO – Cheating vegan paleo – what I eat in a day
This is what i eat in a day (although today I ate more fish than normal) which I call CHEGLEO – cheating vegan ” cheagan ” paleo diet! There are also some Warrior Diet ideas in there as well. It’s high veggies, high volume, lower fat, low grains, low fruit, low dairy, clean eating and I avoid oils. Tends to be high carb, but those carbs are mainly from vegetables. There’s plenty of whole foods and plant based meals. Today I had rainbow carrots, Justin’s Almond butter in Honey, strawberries, an almond milk pumpkin smoothie, thai coconut curry on spaghetti squash, a big salad and sweet potatoes with cauliflower. It’s easy to eat clean when you have healthy recipes :)

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Pero coffee substitute


Justin’s Honey Almond Butter


Ceylon Cinnamon


Morton’s Lite Salt


Kal Stevia


Why Am I still fat? Documentary

The Thai Green Curry Packets I use:


Organic Lite Coconut Milk


Ms. Dash Seasoning


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