DON’T Use Collagen Peptides (Protein) To Build Muscle

DON’T Use Collagen Peptides (Protein) To Build Muscle
Collagen peptides/protein (same thing) is a hot topic right now. Plenty of new collagen brands are using Instagram influencers to upload cute pics of collagen coffee, collagen cookies, collagen this, and collagen that…

And I like it! I love it, actually. Collagen has a HOST of benefits and contains amino acids that are scarce in the American diet. Collagen helps your skin’s appearance look awesome, your nails get stronger and grow faster, your hair improves, your gut bacteria turns collagen into butyric acid, + more!

But there’s something to note – collagen is NOT a complete protein. It doesn’t contain all amino-acids necessary to use the protein to build muscle. It should be used for the benefits listed above PLUS to fill amino acid gaps with OTHER complete proteins (such as whey, for example)

I use to have collagen post-workout shakes not realized that it wasn’t contributing much to my muscle building, which was a goal for me at the time. Now what I do to get all the benefits plus more is I add a serving of grass-fed non-denatured whey protein with a serving of collagen protein to get an abundant amount of balanced amino acid profiles. Not only is that helping my appearance, but contributing to my muscle building as well.

Here’s a link to my FAVORITE non-denatured, grass-fed whey protein: (it tastes and smells SO GOOD)

Here’s a link to my favorite collagen that I use on a daily basis:

Yes, I’m wearing blue blockers! These are some of the best – from TrueDark: (wearing the yellow tinted ones after 6pm and the red ones 30min before bed DOUBLED my deep sleep)

More info on this and other protein sources? Check this blog post form Bulletproof

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