STRANGEST Animal Behaviors

STRANGEST Animal Behaviors
We may think animals operate on some sort of natural, primal cycle that humans don’t really understand since we’re apparently “advanced.” But take a look at these strange animal behaviors. You’ll see animals are much more complicated that we give them credit for…and are strangely more similar to humans than we thought.

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10. The Pitcher Plant Diet
You may recognize pitcher plants as the sorts of greenery that eat other animals. It may already be weird thinking of a plant to be carnivorous in nature, yet they do exist. Meat-eating pitcher plants primarily eat creepy crawlies but once in a while a rodent such as a mouse or even birds may find themselves prey to a plant. Since these plants are more used to smaller meals, they have to take a long time to eat the bigger animals they catch and will swallow it whole.

9. The Vervet Monkeys Of St. Kitt
Another thing to add to the list that humans do that animals will also do: drinking. And we don’t mean just water. This behavior particularly involves the vervet monkeys that inhabit the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts. There, these monkeys have been known to steal the cocktail drinks of guests vacationing at the resorts. As humans, we are, of course, in part to blame. Other times, depending on the human culture monkeys get exposed to, they might favor a soda instead.

8. Pikas Gathering Flowers
If you look up footage of a pika gathering a bunch of flowers, it looks like just about the cutest thing you could ever see. And they do so for food purposes. The collared pika lives in Alaska and so need to gather as many flowers as they can since they need it to survive the winter. They will spend whole summers picking flowers and storing them. The collection usually weighs about 30 times their own body size.

7. A Skunk’s Handstand
Spotted skunks have an interesting way of fending off predators. And we don’t just mean spraying them off with that famous stink. When facing danger, a spotted skunk will perform a handstand like so and them will proceed to spray the offender. They do these handstands the same reason to look bigger, as a way to scare off other animals. It may look silly, but it means great discomfort for an animal trying to eat a skunk.

6. Ferrets Hopping Sideways
People might dance here and there or make movements akin to dancing when they get pumped up and exited. Something ferrets do when they feel excited is to hop sideways. It seems like their way of expressing happiness, however strange or cute it may look. The act may even appear as if they are dancing.

5. Earthquake Warning
If you live in a place prone to earthquakes, you’ve learned to pay attention to the television, updates on your phone, or the radio for warnings of an earthquake. But it seems we also have a natural warning many people have in their own homes or backyards are animals. Dogs, cats, snakes, weasels–and many more–have shown they sense when an earthquake is about to happen. Said animals were reported to leave their homes and searched for safety days before an earthquake hit. Some animals may sense one a week ahead, while others may know just seconds before.

4. Crow Memory
Researchers found that crows never seem to forget a face and can remember a human being’s individual face, no matter the small changes it goes through. Whether it be that human being showed them kindness or that human being wasn’t so nice to them, a crow will remember. This has also been seen in crow relatives, too, such as magpies, ravens, and jays. A crow may even heckle a person they remember not liking upon seeing them again.

3. Herbivores Turned Carnivores
You may look at cows or sheep and think they must be as harmless as they get when it comes to animals. But when nutrients and food supply run low, these kinds of animals may turn carnivore if they need to. Cows have been known to eat chickens–live ones–in order to get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Other animals such as giraffes, deer, and even pigs may urn to eating meat as well.

2. Animal Friendships
We may think of animals as somewhat less advanced, not as intelligent beings when compared to humans, but depending on the subject, this simply isn’t true. Animals such as dolphins and elephants have shown a high intelligence as well as displays of emotion or tendencies that don’t make sense from a biological standpoint. And when it comes to relationships, it seems humans and other animals don’t differ much at all. Animals such as dogs seem to get along well with other animals–likely because they’re pack animals and form bonds easily.


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