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Who is Melissa Henig?
Melissa Henig is a health and nutrition enthusiast who is on the cutting edge of raw paleo cuisine and a raw lifestyle. She is an advocate of raw dairy, local farmers, and the organic movement. Melissa is dedicated to her raw omnivore way of eating and helping others achieve optimal health.

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A raw paleo diet is eating raw foods that are not heated, mutilated, or chemically altered. A majority of this diet are raw animal proteins and fats. Raw unpasteurized dairy, never frozen meat, fowl, and fish, organ meat, bone marrow, organic coconut cream, pastured eggs, green vegetable juices, cultured vegetables, and unheated honey are key foods eaten on a primal diet. Nutrition, strength, anti-inflammation, enjoyment, and total-body health are just some of the benefits of this style of eating!

Disclaimer: This material is solely for educational and entertainment purposes. This is not medical advice. The educator shall not be bound to or responsible for any person or entity with to respect to any loss, damage, or injury caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by this information.

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