Far Cry Primal – Working on my Village

Far Cry Primal – Working on my Village
Far Cry Primal Working on my Village

Far Cry Primal is an action-adventure game set in an open world environment and played from a first-person perspective. As the game is set in prehistoric times,

Takkar, a hunter from the Wenja tribe, barely survives after his hunting party is ambushed and killed by a saber-toothed tiger as they travel to the land of Oros. Resigned to proceed alone, Takkar meets Sayla (Cara Ricketts), a woman also from the Wenja, and once they arrive at Oros, Sayla informs Takkar that the Wenja are scattered and homeless across the land after their village was destroyed by Ull (DeLaRosa Rivera), leader of the Neanderthal-like Udam tribe who live in the northern mountains, and hunt down the Wenja to cannibalize them. Takkar then starts gathering the Wenja he meets around his cave, eventually encountering the shaman Tensay (Terrence C. Carson), who helps him to learn the ability to tame the local animals.
After repelling an attack from Ull to his newly established village, Takkar enlists the help of three other skilled Wenja: Jayma (Ayisha Issa), a veteran huntress, Wogah (Ron Kennell), a one-armed craftsman, and Karoosh (Nicolas Van Burek), a one-eyed warrior with his own vendetta against the Udam. With the help of Tensay, Takkar also discovers that the Udam are eating Wenja flesh in hopes of gaining immunity from a terminal genetic disease that is wiping out their tribe, then tracks down and apprehends the Udam commander Dah (Juan Carlos Velis) to learn more about the Udam’s techniques. The Wenja reject Takkar’s decision to give shelter to a member of the enemy tribe at first, and attempt to execute Dah behind his back, until Takkar himself arrives in time to rescue Dah and chastise the tribe for performing the execution without his permission, earning Dah’s gratitude and help. When the agrarian and Aztec-like Izila, another, more advanced tribe that lives in the marshlands of southern Oros, begin capturing some Wenja prisoners for slavery and human sacrifice to the Sun, Takkar invades their domains to rescue them, coming face to face with their leader Batari (Debra Wilson). After he refuses to become Batari’s slave, a war begins between the Wenja and Izila. Takkar then infiltrates the camp of an Izila commander named Roshani (Ali Momen) and captures him, allowing him to live in exchange for some Izila technology in both warfare and agriculture.
After preparing himself enough to face Ull and Batari, Takkar storms the Udam and Izila’s main fortresses, passing by all opposition before confronting and killing their commanders. While Batari is burned alive during a solar eclipse, Ull urges Takkar to take care of his two children with his dying breath, which Takkar accepts, taking them with him to his village in safety. With both rival tribes defeated and Wenja’s dominance secured, Roshani agrees to stay with the Wenja and teach them how to grow food, while Takkar reluctantly agrees to mercifully kill Dah, ending his suffering from the Udam’s disease. Takkar then celebrates his victory with the other villagers.
In the post-credits, Ull’s daughter appears taming a cave bear, implying that she has acquired the same skill to tame animals as Takkar.

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