ASMR: Eating Homemade Panko Crusted Oven Baked Chicken (No talking)

ASMR: Eating Homemade Panko Crusted Oven Baked Chicken (No talking)
Today I’m eating some leftover baked chicken legs I made, with seasoned panko crust. Along with it, I had deviled egg potato salad, romaine lettuce with bacon, onions, olives, bacon ranch dressing, and milk to drink. Delicious!

Note: I didn’t get to the last piece because there was too much outside construction noise that never quit! But, since many of you never watch my entire videos, it shouldn’t matter anyway. :( Sorry to the few that actually do. I’ll do better next time.

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Often asked questions or comments:

Q. Why don’t you show your face or mouth when eating?
A. I prefer to stay anonymous and focus on quality visuals of food and eating sounds.

Q. Will you ever show your face or mouth when eating?
A. No, never, ever…I’ll repeat, NEVER :) UPDATE: here is a partial reveal photo..
That’s as far as I will ever go :)

Q. Why don’t you talk more?
LONG ANSWER! For me, I feel that ASMR eating videos are best when there is limited to no talking during eating. There are 1000s of ASMR video makers that talk or vlog about their day (which is fine too, it’s just not for me). I find there are fewer and fewer people that don’t talk. Well, you found one! I will not talk while eating! The only time I will say anything, is giving a special message to my subscribers, or describing food at the beginning of video…maybe a word or two somewhere in the video how the food tastes or at the very end. 99% of my focus is bringing you the highest quality visuals of the food and eating sounds!

Q. What is ASMR?
A. Please go to my ABOUT tab and click the link at bottom that says “ASMR definition”

Q. How old are you?
A. Between 30 and 80

Q. Do you take food requests?
A. I have such a huge list right now, I have stopped taking requests for the time being.

Q. Why do you do ASMR videos?
A. To give back to the community that has helped me over the last several years. If I can help people along the way, that makes me happy! Plus, I like to create, and this is a fun hobby and helps get my own mind off of stress.

Q. Do you make a profit producing videos?
A. Since my monetize settings are at minimal, it doesn’t even cover the cost of food. So, the answer is no.

Q. How long will you continue to do this?
A. As long as I am having fun and people keep enjoying my content.

Q. Where do you live?
A. Somewhere in the Boonies, USA.

Q. What equipment do you currently use?
A. Camera: Panasonic WX970
Preamp/Mics: ZOOM, Audio-Technica
Video Editing: Sony Vegas
Audio Editing: Sound Forge/Wave Lab

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