I am stopping the Paleo Diet – Sad Face :(

I am stopping the Paleo Diet – Sad Face :(
Welcome , today I am going to be talking about how the Paleo Diet was not for me.

Fast facts about this video ░░▒▓███►

● I was on the Paleo Diet for about 2 months and I just was not able to stay true to this lifestyle. I have failed our Paleolithic ancestors, but I am taking away some valuable lessons.

● By eliminating bad oils, refined sugar, processed foods and junk food I am preventing obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, and the Paleo Diet teaches people to stop those and focus on other foods (better quality meats etc.)

● I am going to take away the concept to focus more on whole foods, lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats, but I just can’t eliminate all dairy and grains, but I am going with 1% milk and whole wheat bread as a healthy alternative.

● I know that 2 months is probably not enough to lose weight (without being consistent, you can’t make progress) but I feel that psychologically this diet regime will not work with me and my lifestyle. I did not lose weight but I did have less sugar and salt intake and that made me less bloated.

● One best change I am taking away from this is I’ll eat more fresh food, like adding some fresh fruit or vegetables to dinner tonight or every night!


► Have you tried the Paleo Diet? Did it work for you?

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