How to Make Paleo Chocolate Candy with Coconut Butter|Paleo Chocolate

How to Make Paleo Chocolate Candy with Coconut Butter|Paleo Chocolate
Been itching to find a way to make healthy paleo chocolate candy with that little jar of coconut butter?

If you’re like me you are a sucker for healthy chocolate, but coconut butter makes it even BETTER! There’s something about that velvety fudgy texture and taste that makes your brain come alive as the tears come and you want MORE! Well, we found just the right low glycemic low carb treat that we love with a bit of honey that you will surely enjoy. Check it out on our website for the updated version that is just a tad sweeter with some added Ceylon cinnamon powder.

Coconut butter is really great, even compare to coconut butter, because it is nothing other than the superfood, coconut, ground into tasty butter.

Of course like butter, this creamed coconut CAN melt, so be aware of that when it is hot outside. But normally you’ll actually want to heat the jar (buy a glass one) so you can have your coconut butter soft enough to stir and pour into a mold with your favorite tidbits like walnuts, fine shredded coconut, or even blueberries.

This treat can be done relatively quickly and is gluten free, paleo, and obviously healthy. Try to use the healthy cocoa in order to get both maximum taste and health benefits. In the vid you’ll get the basics of how Pattie makes her paleo chocolate candies from coconut butter, but please weigh in with your own twist!

We look forward to seeing your in Coconut Country and check out these healthy ingredients if you don’t already have some lined up.

Healthy Organic Coconut Butter

Organic (No added sugar) Fine Shredded Coconut

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