Potato Chewra [آلو چیوڑا] बटाटा चिवडा

Potato Chewra [آلو چیوڑا] बटाटा चिवडा
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Potato Chewra [آلو چیوڑا] बटाटा चिवडा

Cultivation of potatoes in South America may go back 10,000 years, yet the tubers do not preserve well in archaeological record, and there are problems with exact identification of those that are found.

Potatoes are naturally gluten-free and they’re packed with nutritional benefits needed for a healthy lifestyle. Potatoes are one of the world’s most versatile vegetables. Foundational in a wide range of international and all-American cuisine, potatoes are the perfect blank canvas for a variety of flavors. This is welcome news when your good health depends on eating a gluten-free diet.

An ideal substitution for some of your favorite bread, grain and pasta-based dishes, potatoes add a boost of nutritional benefits. Important to a healthy diet, one medium-sized (5.3oz) skin-on potato has:
• Just 110 calories
• No fat, sodium or cholesterol
• Nearly half your daily value of vitamin C
• More potassium than a banana
• A good source of vitamin B6
• Fiber, magnesium and antioxidants
• Resistant starch

Potatoes are naturally fat free, cholesterol free, and low in sodium. In addition, potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, and those eaten with the skin are a good source of potassium. Foods that are good sources of potassium and low in sodium, such as potatoes, may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
Peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, the type of fat that is emphasized in the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. Studies of diets with a special emphasis on peanuts have shown that this little legume is a big ally for a healthy heart. …Peanuts are good sources of vitamin E, niacin, folate, protein and manganese.

The main nutrients found in curry leaves are carbohydrates, energy, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, copper, and minerals. It also contains various vitamins like nicotinic acid and vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, antioxidants, plant sterols, amino acids, glycosides, and flavonoids.

Potato Chewra, چیوڑا آلو, बटाटा चिवडा, البطاطس, আলু, سیب زمینی, картошка, 土豆, patata, Chivda, Batata Chiwada,

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