Can’t Read Consistently? ► Here’s How To Read More

Can’t Read Consistently? ► Here’s How To Read More
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How to read more consistently.

When was the last time you completely finished reading a book from front to back? A full book, a novel, whatever it may be; any substantial piece of literature.

If you are thinking, “hey I do read, I read all the time!” I don’t mean Tweets and social media posts or the back of the air freshener when you forgot to bring your phone into the toilet.

It’s important you stop what you are doing and fully engage for the next 10 minutes and find out how reading can benefit you.

I cover some great ways to make a consistent habit of reading during your morning routine.

Reading is a tool that unfortunately few people make the most of.

It becomes free entertainment, it’s fun. Many people see reading as a chore and something that cannot be associated with fun.

But everybody who can read is going to have a style or a genre of a book that they really enjoy.

It is important to constantly explore authors and styles until you find what makes you click.

Whether you like jokes, fashion, planes, biographies, spiritual development, books travel, there will be something out there for you. I urge you to cultivate a sense of urgency in doing so as the benefits are priceless.

All you need is yourself and a book to read.

Open a book and immerse yourself in the wonders of words.

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