Master Cleanse Preparation Video (more info in description)

Master Cleanse Preparation Video (more info in description)
This (I’ve found) is the most convenient way to prepare the Master Cleanse ingredients for you Detox. **Please consult your physician before starting this detox**

Here’s the Master Cleanse Recipe:

○ 6 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice
○ 4-6 Tablespoons of pure Grade B or A Maple syrup
○ 3/10 tsp. (or 1/4 tsp. depending on spice desire) TEAspoons of Organic Cayenne powder
○ Fill filtered water in QUART jug full

pre-Day 1 & Nightly before you go to bed:

1. Drink a cup of Smooth Move Laxative Tea (Senna leaves) nightly

Every Morning:

1. (OPTIONAL) Start with Psillium Fiber (1 Tablespoon) 3x a day (*This is optional, but is an additional fiber that will add to the benefits)

wait 15 minutes until:

2. In empty quart bottle, add 2 TEAspoons of sea salt (un-iodized) w/ warm water. Boil water, fill quart less than 1/2 way, add cold water the rest of the way, pound the quart of warm sea salt water

3. Drink as many quarts/ half quarts as your body & energy levels need. It’s not necessary to drink as MUCH as you can, that’ll only result in major consumption of sugar from the maple syrup. Just drink it according your needs.

*Feel free to drink lots of water and/or tea. Don’t drink coffee, but consider Green Tea for your caffeine needs.*

***LASTLY, this detox is not so much physically difficult as much as it is MENTALLY challenging. You might have “Foodmares” and dream that you ate food, your nasal senses might become super sensitive to all the amazing food around you, and you might have friends and family discouraging you the entire time. There are 3 options for Master Cleanse timelines: 1. The 3-day (w/ 2 day recovery), 2. The 10-day (w/ 2 day recovery), & the 40-day (unsure recovery time). The Master Cleanse Guide recommends juice detoxes 2 days prior to the detox, however that is up to your discretion. The Day after your cleanse you should drink nothing but Organic non-concentrated Orange juice (water and tea is still fine) to replace the sweetness from the Master Cleanse lemonade to a natural sweet/citrus drink. The following day after the Orange juice, continue drinking OJ, and have light broth and/or soft vegetables. Your body will not appreciate you rushing to eat harsh or hard to digest foods. Have patience.
THIS IS A GRAND OPPORTUNITY TO START A NEW DIET!! Do you want to become vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, all organic, or something along those lines? Now is your chance!!

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